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Four Records Studios

"Record Label, Recording Studio, and Music Production Services Company."

Four Records Studio Tour

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World-class recording studio...

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utilizing state-of-the-art digital...

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and vintage analog gear...

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56 Channel DDA Profile Recording Console w/ Uptown Moving Analog Fader, etc... check equipment list below

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Located in the heart of Atlanta...

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The studio itself is one-of-a-kind. The control room is a "floating train car" suspended on pedestals...

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The studio itself is one-of-a-kind...

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Four Records Studios
World-class recording studio utilizing state-of-the-art digital and vintage analog gear... 

Located in the heart of Atlanta, Four Studios Music is a private, single-room, world-class recording studio utilizing state-of-the-art digital and vintage analog gear.

The studio itself is one-of-a-kind. The control room is a "floating train car" suspended on pedestals five feet above the foundation of the building.  The "legs" of the control room are anchored ten feet into the ground and are sonically de-coupled from the foundation.  The control room is literally a free-standing structure inside of the building.

The recording space was designed by world-famous Record Producer Steve Albini.  Its angled 15' ceilings and exposed brick give the hardwood floors not only a great look, but more importantly, an amazing sound.  The natural ambience has been said to be the "perfect vocal reverb" and "best drum room in Atlanta". For Studio Bookings contact:


Our Client List

Atlantic Records, Jive Records Zomba Records, Warner Bros. Sony Records, Epic Records, Arista Records

History of the Building / Neighborhood: Reynoldstown

The Studio is located in the historic "Reynolds" Building in the Reynoldstown neighborhood in the city of Atlanta.  The structure was built by John Reynolds and his family directly after the Civil War.  The family lived upstairs while owning and operating the "Reynolds Market" downstairs for more than 50 years.  During the expansion of the rail system after WWII, the Reynolds held fast on their position to not be bought out by the train yard. It wasn't until 1963 that the Reynolds family finally sold the building.

Right across the tracks is Little Five Points, known as Atlanta's Bohemian District. You will find restaurants like The Vortex and Corner Tavern as well as many specialty clothing, shoes and novelty shops.  It's a truly unique part of Atlanta that is just a couple miles away.

Studio Rates

$200 per half day (4 hours)
$350 per day-- Additional charge if Sound Engineer or Production is needed.  (Price is negotiable based on needs of project.)

For Studio Bookings call: 704-287-2026

As a part of Four Music's mission we make excellent production accessible to all musicians, we offer several scholarship packages and discounted rates for studio time to newly-established and up-and-coming bands. Please email your Electronic Press Kit for application and eligibility.

Equipment List

56 Channel DDA Profile Recording Console w/ Uptown Moving Analog Faders

Protools HD2
Mac Pro Quad-Core 2.66 MHtz. Processor
Apogee AD-16X Convertors  16 In,  32 out
All Mogami Cabling


Outboard Gear:
            Mic Pre's
                        (32) DDA Mic Pre's w/ transformers
                        (2)   ADM 780's
                        (2)  Seventh Circle Audio N72's
                        (4)  Ampex tube Pre's
                        (1)  UA 610 (6176)

                        (1) Urie Rev B Blackface 1176
                        (1) Urie Rev F Blackface 1176
                        (1) Urie 1178 Stereo Compressor / Limiter
                        (1) DBX 160 VU
                        (2) DBX 160 X
                        (1) UA 1176 Re-issue (6176)
                        (1) Alan Smart C2 Stereo Compressor
                        (1) Shure Level-loc
                        (2) API 550b
                        (1) API 550a
                        (1) UA Tube (6176)
                        (2) T.C. Electronics M500  (Dual Machine + Mastering)
                        (1) Eventide H300
                        (1) Lexicon 200 Reverb
                        (1) Yamaha Rev 7
                        (1) Yamaha SPX 900
                        (1) AKG Spring Reverb
                        (1) Pcm 42
                        (1) Lexicon Vortex

                        (1) Soundelux U95
                        (1) Royer 121
                        (1) Senheiser 441
                        (2) Senheiser 414
                        (3) Senheiser 421
                        (1) Senheiser 609
                        (2) Josephson C42
                        (1) Shure SM7
                        (1) Rode NT2

                                    Hammond b3 w/ Leslie 122
                                    Hammond m100
                                    Wurlitzer electric piano
                                    upright piano -  Very Old Saloon type
                                    67' gibson 345
                                    65' gibson lg1 Acoustic
                                    78 Yamaha SG 2000
                                    Neptune Mini 12 String
                                    78' Fender P-Bass
                                    Danelectro Long-Horn Baritone
                                    Bogner Exctacy
                                    78' Marshall JMP Master "Modded"
                                    Goodsell Super 17 Combo
                                    Pignose 60 watt combo
                                    65' Fender Vibro Champ
                                    Marshall 2X12 with 25 watt "Greenbacks"
                                    Various Drum Sets
                                    Various Cymbal
                                    Lots of pedals           
                        Radial 7D Injector / splitter
                        Hearback digital 8-Channel Headphone Monitoring System

            Guitar pedals:
                        Menatone - Red Snapper
                        Menatone - Chaw Box
                        SIB - Varidrive
                        Way Huge - Foot Pig
                        Fulltone - Deja-Vibe
                        Fulltone - OCD
                        Foxx - Tone Machine (re-issue)
                        Foxx - Wah (Modified w/ true bypass)
                        Digitech - Whammy (Original)
                        Digitech - Space Station
                        Boss - SD-1 Super Over Drive
                        Boss - DD-3 Digital Delay
                        Boss - OC-2 Octave Pedal
                        Ibanez - PM7 Phase Modulator
                        Ibanez - LF7 Lo-Fi Filter
                        Korg Toneworks - 301dl Dynamic Echo

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Four Records...
"Good people who are highly regarded in the music industry dedicated to making great music accessible to artists and audiences alike."

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