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Russ-T Cobb Producer

"Record Label, Recording Studio, and Music Production Services Company."


Russ-T Cobb is a Multi-Platinum, Grammy-Nominated, Producer/Engineer/Mixer
as well as a multi-instrumentalist and singer-songwriter. 

His credits include work with high profile stars like Avril Lavigne, Lindsay Lohan, Pink, Simple Plan, Butch Walker, Sevendust, Bowling For Soup and many more.   As a guitarist for bands like Rehab and Big Hate, he has crisscrossed the highways of the U.S. countless times and played thousands of gigs since the ‘80’s.
Russ-T got his start in the studio while making his guitarist audition tape for the Red Hot Chili Peppers.  Hitting it off with the studio owner, he started doing sessions with high school bands that traded yard work for studio time. While the tiny studio only had a modest amount of gear, Big Hate recorded demos there, and the result was the first single for its debut album with Flip Records.

His experience in touring and writing with bands gives Russ-T the ability to understand and work in any situation, and his comfort, ease and total command of the studio, both analog and digital, are nothing short of inspiring.  Russ-T admits that his determining factors for loving an artist are “he’s a sucker for a great song, a great voice as well as someone who’s authentic and motivated.”  If you have been alive for the last 10 years, you’ve heard Russ-T’s work a lot more than you might know.
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Russ-T Cobb Recent / Select Discography

-------- 2010 --------

Dangerous New Machine - Set the World On Fire (Four) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

Fervor - Open Heart Surgery (Four) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

Sydney Rhame - Upcoming LP (Four) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

Russ-T - A 15-Year Song (Four) (W/P/E/M/I)

Sam Koon - Upcoming EP (Ind) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

Six to the Wheels - Parting Ways (Four) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

-------- 2009 --------

Family Force 5 - Dance or Die with a Vengence (Transparent Media) (Co-W/E)

Kadense - Not Like Me (Ind) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

Corey Smith – Keeping Up With the Joneses (Ind) (Co-P/E)

Family Force 5 - Christmas Pageant (Transparent media) (E)

Bowling For Soup - Sorry for B Sides (Jive) (M)

-------- 2008 --------

Family Force 5 - Dance or Die (Tooth & Nail) (Co-W/E)

Spy for Hire - Don't Change (IND) (M)

Sam ThackerLines (IND) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

Freddy Jones Band - Time Well Wasted (IND) (P/E/M) "Home Thing" #1 AAA Radio

Tat - Soho Lights (IND) (Co-W/P/E/M)

Love Takes Flight - 3 Song Demo (TVT) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

-------- 2007 --------

Bobaflex - Tales from Dirt Town (TVT) (Co-W/P/E/M)

Valeyra - Forthcoming LP (Emerosa) (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

Citizen Icon - Look at the Fish (IND) (Co-W/P/E/M)

Hermano - Into the Exam Room (Suburban) (M)

Mardo - EP (IND) (M)

John Paul White - "Call It Love"  (Capitol) (Co-W/P/E/M)

Puffy Ami Yumi - Various tracks (E/M) from Forthcoming LP (Sony Japan) 

-------- 2006 --------

The Academy Is - "Toasted Skin" (E/M) ** exclusively aired on TRL (MTV)

Butch Walker - The Rise and Fall of Butch Walker & The Let's Go Out Tonights (Red Ink) (E/M)

Hot Hot Heat - "I.O.U." (Sire/Warner Bros.) (E/M)

Tim Brantley - The Lion of Truth (Co-W/P/E/M/I)

Cowboy Mouth - Voodoo Shop (Yep Rock) (P/E/M)

Family Force 5 - "Earthquake" (E), "Lose Yourself" (E), "Put Your Hands Up" (E) from Business Up Front / Party In the Back (Maverick)

-------- 2005 --------

Lindsay Lohan – A Little More Personal (Raw) (Casablanca) (E)

Bowling For Soup - "Sometimes" (Co-P/E/M), "Sick Of Myself" (Co-P/E/M) 2005 from Bowling For Soup Goes To The Movies (Jive)

My Chemical Romance - Various tracks (AP/E) from forthcoming live MTV House of Blues Live special (Warner Bros.)

Avril Lavigne - "Imagine" (E) from Amnesty International's Songs of John Lennon

Puffy AmiYumi - "Call Me What You Like" (E/M), "Radio Tokyo" (E/M) from forthcoming LP (Sony Japan)

Sam Thacker - "Serenade" (A-P/E/M/I), "Free"(A-P/E/M/I), "Take What You Gave" (A-P/E/M/I) from Above The Underneath

Wakefield - "After School Special" (E/M) from Which Side Are You On?(Jive)

Val Emmick - "Head On Fire" (E), "Come Clean" (E) from forthcoming LP (Epic)

Quietdrive - "Take A Drink" (E), "Rush Together" (E), "Get Up" (E) from forthcoming LP (Epic)

Crazy Anglos - "Rushin In" (Co-W/P/E/M/I/V) from The Shield Soundtrack (Atlantic) 

Army of Freshmen - "At The End Of The Day" (M), "Maybe In The Midwest" (M), "Wrinkle In Time" (M) from Demos

The Swear - Every Trick's A Good One (P/E/M/I)

Todd Fields - Free (IND) (P/E/M)

Christina Lloree - "Letters From Sunday" (P/E/M)

Modern Skirts - "Like Lunatics" (A-E), "NY Song" (A-E), "Ring The Bell" (A-E), and "September Days" (A-E) from Forthcoming LP (IND)

-------- 2004 --------

Bowling For Soup - A Hangover You Don't Deserve (Jive)* (Co-P/E/M/I/V) ** Certified Gold

Avril Lavigne - "Happy Ending"* (E-I), "Don't Tell Me" (E), "Freak Me Out" (E) from Under My Skin (Arista) **Billboard #1 Single, Certified 3x Platinum, Billboard #1 Album

Sevendust - Seasons (TVT) (Co-P/E/M)

Crazy Anglos - Forthcoming LP (Atlantic) (P/Co-E/M)

The Donnas - "Gold Medal" (A-E) from Gold Medal (Atlantic)

Midtown - Forget What You Know (Columbia) (E/M)

Fountains of Wayne - "Everything's Ruined" (E/M) from Future Soundtrack for America (Barsuk)Default - "All She Wrote" (Radio Mix)(E/M), "Who Followed Who" (E) from Elocation (TVT)

Butch Walker - Letters (Epic) (E)

Juji Oda - "Last Christmas"* (E/M) from Last Christmas/Wake Me Up GO! Single (Sony Japan) ** Japanese Gold Disc Award- "International Song of the Year"

Acceptance - "So This is Christmas" (E/M) from A Santa Cause (Immortal)

Butch Walker - Heartwork (Epic) (E/M)

Butch Walker - This Is Me Justified And Stripped (Epic) (E/M)

Homestarrunner - Strongbad Sings (And Other Type Hits) (M)

-------- 2003 --------

Bowling For Soup - Drunk Enough To Dance (Jive) (E)

Simple Plan - "Don't Wanna Think About You" (E/M) from Scooby-Doo 2 Soundtrack (Warner Bros.)

MXPX - "Christmas Night Of Zombies" (E/M) from A Santa Cause (Immortal)

Butch Walker - Left Of Self Centered (Arista) (E)

-------- 2002 --------

Stuck Mojo - "Pig Walk" (E/M), "No Regrets" (E/M) from Violate This (Century Media)

-------- 2001 --------

Injected - "When She Comes" (E), "Burn It Black" (E), "Faithless" (E), "I IV V" (E) from Burn It Black (IDJ)


Abbreviation Key:

P - Producer
W - Writer
E - Engineer
M - Mixer
I - Instrumentalist

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