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FEATURED - Dangerous New Machine (DNM) (read more)
Dangerous New Machine is an alternative heavy-rock unit based out of Atlanta, Georgia. The band features former Gold Record Vocalist Erik Rogers, Billy Grey on lead guitar, Rodney Beaubouef on drums and newcomer Randy Reider on bass.  Rogers’ commanding voice and stage presence, coupled with an absolute powerhouse of a band with memorable songs, will always keep people coming back. DNM released their album, "Set the World on Fire," in May 2010 and have already developed a broad and loyal fan base, nationally and internationally. The band is currently touring in the southeastern US and is receiving consistent radio play in many states. 

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Fervor is a modern rock band featuring frontman Low Kung on vocals and lead guitar, Justin Little on drums, Steve Money on bass, and Ryan Bennett on guitar. Kung’s mesmerizing flare and heartfelt voice combined with the band’s modern pop/rock vibe, give them a solid sense of identity to the music and a sound that’s uniquely their own. The band just released their third album “Open Heart Surgery,” produced by Russ-T Cobb, which includes the much-anticipated single "Habitual.” The album is a powerful, emotionally driven album from start to finish and is available on iTunes and Amazon. Fervor is on their second nation-wide tour from Tampa to Seattle, where they have received rave reviews from local media and radio play from more than 300 stations across the country. The band has been featured on many popular TV shows such as MTV’s “Real World” and E! Channel’s “Keeping Up With the Kardashians.”

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Russ-T Cobb
Former lead guitarist for the band "The Big Hate" and "Rehab", Russ-T Cobb took a 10-year hiatus from his career as a touring musician to work as lead sound engineer for Butch Walker.  During his tenure with Walker, Russ-T was nominated for a Grammy for his work with Avril Lavigne.  He has also produced and engineered several gold and platinum records.  In 2006, Russ-T left Walker to open his own studio, where he has written with and produced bands such as Bowling for Soup, Cowboy Mouth, and Bobaflex.  In 2009, Russ-T began writing his long overdue solo record - a rock-based sound coupled with heart-wrenching and deeply autobiographical lyrics.  Entitled "A 15 Year Song," the record is in the final stages of production and is due for digital release in February 2010. 

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Six To The Wheels
Six to the Wheels is a hot, new rock band that is fronted by lead singer, Dustin Goossens, and lead guitarist, Aaron "AWOL" Walsh. The songwriting duo have two distinct voices, that when combined, bring instant chemistry to a perfectly matched sound. Their strong lyrics and vocals with raw, edgy guitar riffs are nostalgic of the great 90s rock bands, but with a modern twist on arrangements and vocals that attract a broad audience. The band is currently in the studio with Producer Russ-T Cobb, where they are completing the recording of their 13-song album, “Parting Ways”, which includes 12 originals and a rock cover of "Folsom Prison Blues."  The band has toured all over the southeast and is currently booking an east-coast tour scheduled for early 2011 to support the release of their debut album.

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Sydney Rhame
Sydney Rhame is a gifted twelve year-old singer-songwriter with easily one of the best new voices in the industry.  A 5’10” red-haired beauty, her soulful lyrics about life and heartache consistently convince audiences that she’s wise beyond her years.  Her powerful voice, coupled with her guitar prowess, has won her several singer-songwriter competitions as well as critical acclaim. She has been writing music, playing guitar and performing for audiences since she was six.  Sydney is currently working on her first full studio album with Producer Russ-T Cobb.

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Dangerous New Machine is an alternative heavy-rock unit based out of Atlanta, Georgia...(read more)

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